VDP Stables


Wiske (indoctro x zeus x ahorn) 
jumps 1.40/ 1.45 at the moment
Hiske vdp (baltic x indorado x indoctro)  2012
keur/ ibop
did have a foal and jumps now 1.00 m
Izzytimes vdp (corland x optimist x goodtimes) 2013
jumping 1.10 at the moment
Casan (uptown x jetset)
Jumping 1.20 at the moment
Gidonia VDP (batic x indorado x indoctro) 2011
have given 3 foals now and will be next year jumping competitions.
Discento VDP (cardento x indoctro x zeus)
sold to mexixo
jumps at the moment 1.55 m
Juweel vdp (gaillard de pomme x hammingway x legaat) 2014
pregnant at the moment
Kristallina vdp (zavall x hammingway x legaat) 2015
Silvio ( marlon x lux x lucky boy) 1999
Did jump 1.40 with us, now he jumps some easy jumps with inexperienced jumpingrider and some outdoor trips.
Evril ( indoctro x wolfgang x lavallo) 2009
this mare is riding with two hobby riders and they both jump 1.00 m now with evril.

Breeding mares

Ciske vdp (indorado x indoctro x zeus) 
mare got firts 2 foals then we jumps het till 1.30 m, then she got an injury and thats why she is now a breeding mare.
Ramona (zeus x ahorn z )
Sivolina (hammingway x legaat)

Young horses

Mister vdp (carrera x indorado x indoctro) 2017
Macentyre vdp (carrera x baltic x indorado) 2017
Minion vdp (dakar x zeus x ahorn Z) 2017
Mallediva VDP  with father Ibiza (azteca x indorado) and mother sivolina (hammingway x legaat) 2017
Leaderbeat vdp (etoulon x harley x marlon) 2016
Lets fight vdp (hamphire x baltic x indorado) 2016

Sport Pony's

Orchids wood nymph (machno carwyn x kanshebber) 2008
jumps internationaal 1.20 with our daughter denize.
she almost won everything, from the moment she wasnt saddelbroken till international. even riding bij the horses in the 1.20 wasnt a problem they won it al. because of reaching the age age of 18 our daughter stopt riding pony's. so we found a really young rider that learns a lot from her and also wins a lot again they just won a bronze medal at the netherlands championship!
The first pony of denize, she learnt so match of him and reached some great results!
at the moment he is with a really young rider, she is also learning a lot of him and  winning a lot, they now dressage M1 an d jumps 80 cm. a few years ago we also did amazing round in front of the marathoncar with him.

Horses wich are released for costumers

Igor (indoctro x libero h) 2013
jumping 1.10 m at the moment
Irocco (zirocco bleu x ultimo x libero h) 2013
jumps 1.10 at the moment
Ingar endy (cardento  x diarado x libero h) 2013
jumps 1.10 at the moment
AES and NRPS approved stallion
For kicks (ultimo x marlon)
jumping 1.00 at the moment
Jonkvrouwe nomia (chello x bernstein) 2014
Justin (dakar x ultimo x libero h) 2014
AES approved stallion